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Providing quality care in your home...
10 Standards of Service

​We ask our care givers to provide what we call Legendary Service. To do this we train them to meet ten standards of service during each visit 

How Your Care Giver Is Paid Is Important

State and federal tax laws require care givers be paid by a payroll process. Earnings need to be reported, taxes paid, workers' compensation coverage provided, and W-2's issues.

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Videos describing the qualities that distinguish us from other home aide agencies.
Consumers must be diligent about who they select to provide home aide services.

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Care Giver's Kit
A service kit is provided to each care giver. Its contents include disposable gloves, antiseptic soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, transfer gait belt, kitchen apron, and a first aid kit. 
Care givers attend semi-monthly training. Attendance is required.
Other Unique Qualities​
--  Before the assignment starts​, you meet the care giver, and ask for your approval .        

--  The coordinator reviews tasks and responsibilities with the care giver. You do not need to instruct them.

--  Computerized scheduling avoids errors and can be e-mailed to you.

--  Care givers use client's telephones to check-in and out for accurately invoiced service times. 

--  Supervisors are notified of missed check-ins after 10 minutes, so assignments are not forgotten. 

--  All care givers receive monthly evaluations. Scoring well brings a nice bonus, and most do!
Updated Aug 1, 2018
​Training Topics

January 2019
Awarding Years of Service Pins
Protecting from Bacterial Infections, including MRSA
Effective Documentation
Review Principles of Conduct

November 2018
Infection Control, flu virus
Managing Dementia Behavior

September 2018
Skin care, preventing skin breakdown
Non-medical wound treatments

July 2018
Preparing meals from fresh Ingredients -
 Lunch: sandwiches and salads 

May 2018
Area Wide Disaster Response
Oral Care 

March 2018
First Aid
Client Relations
Home Cleaning Methods
Our Unique Qualities
Live, Classroom Training
Training is conducted frequently in our classroom,  The instructor is a registered nurse with years of senior care experience. Topics are determined by supervisor visits to clients. 
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We Avoid Handling a Client's Cash
Client's purchases are made with pre-paid, company debit cards.  Receipts are attached to the client's invoice. They can review before paying. 
We will bill your long-term care insurance company.  We'll collect the documentation, attach invoices, create a cover page then mail, fax, or scan and e-mail these documents for small fee. You're likely receive your payment within two weeks. 
We Submit Insurance Billing 
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