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10 Standards of Service

We strive to meet each of these ten standards continually for each client.  Your needs are systematically assessed to create an individualized service plan.
How Your Care Giver Gets Paid Is Important

We assumed all was done correctly. After mother passed away, we received a letter from the California Franchise Tax Board. 
Television Commercial

Videos describing the qualities that distinguish us from other home aide agencies.
Things You Should Know 
Before Hiring a Care Giver
Consumers must be diligent about who they select to provide home aide services.

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Care Giver's Service Kit
A service kit is provided to each care giver. Its contents include disposable gloves, antiseptic soap, paper towels, hand sanitizer, transfer gait belt, kitchen apron, and a first aid kit. 
Training Topics
All care givers are required to attend semi-monthly training. Training is given by a "live" professional instructor, in our classroom.
Our Unique Qualities

--  We ask your approval of the care giver before assigning them to you.

--  You meet the care giver before the assignment starts. We ask for your        approval of the care giver.        

--  The coordinator reviews the assignment’s tasks and responsibilities with the care giver. You do not need to instruct them. .

--  Service kits and supplies are provided to all care givers.  

--  Computerized scheduling avoids errors.

--  Care givers use the client's telephone check-in and out for accurately invoiced service times. 

--  Supervisors are notified of missed check-ins after 10 minutes, so assignments are not forgotten. 

--  All care givers receive monthly evaluations. Scoring well brings a nice bonus.

--  Semi-monthly training for care givers is taught by in-person instructors, in our classroom. 

--  Company debit cards are used for clients’ purchases to avoid handling client’s cash.

--  We collect and send long-term insurance documentation to facilitate reimbursement to you.
Updated March 24, 2017