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Providing quality care in your home...
10 Standards of Service

We strive to meet each of these ten standards continually for each client.  Your needs are systematically assessed to create an individualized service plan.
How Your Care Giver Gets Paid Is Important

State and federal tax laws require care givers be paid by a payroll process. Earnings need to be reported, taxes paid, workers' compensation coverage provided, and W-2's issues.
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Videos describing the qualities that distinguish us from other home aide agencies.
Consumers must be diligent about who they select to provide home aide services.

Read what satisfied clients have said about our services. OUR RATINGS
Fee Schedule

Here is a partial listing that you may use for estimating the cost of a particular pattern of service. These apply to consecutive hours, when four  or more consecutive days each week are staff.  

    Hours                   Fee                                    Comments

 0.0 - 1.0 hrs.         $32.50/hr.
 1.5 - 3.5 hrs.         $31.50/hr.
 4.0 - 7.5 hrs          $28.50/hr.
 8.0 - 9.5 hrs          $25.50/hr
 10.0 + hrs             $26.50*/hr.                           Includes overtime hours
 12 hrs.                  $318.00*/12-hour                 Includes overtime hours

Fees increase $1-$3/hr. when less than 4 consecutive days are staffed each week.

Fees increase $8.50/hr. for service on seven major holidays, and after 6 PM when not overnight.  Care givers receive premium pay during these days and hours.

Deposits are rarely requested.

Invoices are mailed weekly along with the service schedule for coming week. Payment is expected within 15 days.

*State and federal law requires paying overtime after 9.0 nine hours of work in a workday, or 40.0 regular hours in a workweek. Overtime is included in these rates.

Please know that our wages exceed California's minimum wage by 25%-35%.  Many of our care givers earn overtime, as well as travel reimbursement, paid time off, medical insurance, uniforms, on going training, service supplies. 

Updated Sept, 15, 2017
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