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Safety Tips for Seniors
from the San Diego Co. District Attorney, (c) 2016

1.Choose a care givers with caution. (See "Facts", #16)

2.Keep an inventory and pictures of all jewelry

3.Have a shredder in your home and use it.

4.Protect your incoming and outgoing mail.

5.Obtain a credit report (not just a rating) of our yourself two or three time during the year.

6.Every telephone in your home should have Caller ID.

7.Never give you credit card number, social security number, or Medicare number over the phone unless you made the call.

8.Allow your bank to send you a copy of your statement to a trusted relative.

9.Check home repair persons' license with State Contractor License Board. 

10. Get a signed contract or written statement what is to be done and the price. Never pay more than 10% as a down payment for work.

11.Have a second line of defense at your front door. A chain lock, Mace spray, spare cell phone (it can be out of service, but charged to call 911), or a room where you barricade and hide. 
What Could Go Wrong?
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