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Updated July 31, 2018
10 Standards of Service

We strive to meet each of these ten standards continually for each client.  Your needs are systematically assessed to create an individualized service plan.
How Your Care Giver Is  Paid Is Important

State and federal tax laws require care givers be paid by a payroll process. Earnings need to be reported, taxes paid, workers' compensation coverage provided, and W-2's issues.
Television Commercial
Videos describing the qualities that distinguish us from other home aide agencies.
I'm Jim Small, founder and owner  of At Home Senior Services. I have nearly 25 years experience in health administration and much of that time was with skilled nursing and board and care facilities. My facilities were known for their service quality and good licensing reviews. Often we had waiting lists for admission when others had empty beds.

During this time, I came to believe that many residents could live at home safely and comfortably if they received dependable, capable in-home care. In the late '90's, I developed a nonprofit referral service called the "Smart Registry".  After a short time it became evident that many seniors were challenged when it came to selecting and directing, care givers.  Also, most seniors neglected to comply with State and federal wage and tax laws, leaving them vulnerable to tax penalties and unpaid wage claims.

I then opened At Home Senior Services.  With care givers as our employees, we took responsibility for their performance, pay, and any liabilities. I established professional standards and practices. This made home care easier safer to use. I applied professional practices for recruiting, selecting, motivating, directing care givers and sampling service quality and safety. Our goal was and still is to  maintain a highly desirable level of service quality. We  now have several score of clients and care givers in Santa Maria and Lompoc.

My wife, Robyn, and I are long time residents of the Central Coast.  We are active in civic groups, nonprofit organizations, and professional groups, often in leadership roles. I earned a B.A. in Biology from CSU Long Beach, attended UC Irvine for business courses, and earned an M.S. in Health Care Management from CSU Los Angeles. In the course of maintaining a nursing home administrator's license and professional credentials I attended hundreds of hours of continuing education in all aspects of senior care. 
Consumers must be diligent about who they select to provide home aide services.

Read what satisfied clients have said about our services. OUR RATINGS
Debra Driggs has had a busy life. She has raised four children, worked as a care giver in facilities and private homes for a dozen plus years and helped with the administrative activities of a family business. Through these experiences she is familiar with aspects of in-home care. . We think it will be enjoyable to have Debra coordinating services for you.  
Kao Nou (pronounced Ca-New) is a Lompoc native. She is an AHC graduate and earned Bachelor degree in .business from La Vern University. As our Finance Manager Kao Nou is responsible for compiling our weekly payroll and client invoices. She also bills long term care insurance for clients, processes accounts payable and prepares our financial data for our accounting service.

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